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Dont understand why or how to cope

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Berriebear · 15/03/2016 17:54

My husband of 18 years left me and our 2 kids 5 months ago. 2 weeks after he left he was dating a member of our staff.

Like all break ups I have gone through highs and lows, struggling comes to terms with separation. I came as a complete shock no signs or problem until the month before he left. We run a business together and only source of income. I tried my best to work with the 2 of them for 3 months but it was all to much. They wanted me out of the business and wanted to run it themselves so they made my life hell.

I made a decision in order to save my sanity and not have a complete breakdown i had to cut all communication from my husband, i couldnt cope with his aggressive and nasty behaviour. We are also selling the business as we cant work together.

From the moment i cut all communication with him direct, he has to contact me through a family member i felt so much better and felt i could move on start a new life.

My problem is he cant seem to leave me alone and is hell bent on making my life hell. He spread awful rumors and gossip about me, makes up crazy paranoid stories about me. He tells the kids he doesn't see them must because i wont allow it (kids know this its true). Every week there a new drama i am being blamed for it just seems never ending. Last one being he wants to sell the house so kids and i have no where to live because i have a bad attitude (never speak to him so cant work that out).
This was someone who use to love and care for me but now has nothing but hate and resentment towards me. He left me for another women so why is he acting the victim. Why wont he leave me alone, why cant he move on and stop blaming me for everything.
he has his new life new girlfriend and nothing to do with me so why all the drama still and nasty behaviour. i just cant understand him.

He was never like this when we were together it a person i just dont recognise neither do my family or friends. People have spoken to him about his behaviour and he just says its all lies and all me. Even with prove (nasty texts, emails etc) he still denies it and wont stop.

i dont know how to cope anymore it seems to never stop.

OP posts:
SohowdoIdothis · 15/03/2016 19:16

Do you have a good lawyer ?

thelonggame · 15/03/2016 20:32

sorry you're going through this OP, it does sound like he's following a typical script though.
Could I suggest that you report your post and ask for it to be moved to Relationships, there is a lot more traffic over there.

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