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Joint residency order

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Sophilicious · 08/01/2016 19:48

Can anyone explain to me what a joint residency order is and what are the positives and negatives of it?
I have 3 children, promary school age and in my eyes I am the resident parent. Until this week they have spent three nights a week with their father. From Monday, it goes down to two nights a week. He is suggesting getting this order and I wonder what it would mean now and in the future?
Thank you

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Fourormore · 09/01/2016 17:50

There is no such thing as a residence order as such anymore. It's a Child Arrangements Order that details who the children live with and that can be one parent or both.

In real terms, the only difference that I could find was that if there is a an order setting out that a child lives with a parent, that parent can take the child abroad without the other parent's permission for up to 28 days.

Everything else is covered by Parental Responsibility.

Perhaps ask him why he wants it, especially if he is decreasing the number of nights per week. I can't see there would be any benefit to either of you. I'm assuming he hasn't taken legal advice if he's referring to it as a joint residence order.

Sophilicious · 11/01/2016 08:18

Thank you. I think asking him why he wants it might be a good idea. I might look into the child arrangements order and see if that has any benefit. Thanks again 😊

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