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Form D80d (2 years) Q7 regarding households?

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shoeaddict83 · 25/11/2015 16:45

Hi all,
Hoping for some help with a form! My partner is currently going through a divorce based on 2 years Separation (we've been together just over a year so separated prior to me!) and has just received the D10 back and can now send in the application fro Nisi. Im trying to help as hes terrible with paperwork but hes a bit stumped on Q7.
it asks if since the date of separation have you lived in the same household as the respondent. Does a household mean as a family?
He remained under the same roof for 3 months over xmas whilst they sorted her buying the house from him so he had the finances to move out, but they informed families, schools etc on the date of separation and he moved into spare room. They lived separately- separate food shopping, separate meals, washing etc so does that mean the answer to the question is No?
Im reading it as he was under the same roof but in a separate 'household'?
thanks :)

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