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Positive stories re DIY divorce pleeese!

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darlingish · 27/10/2015 22:12

Crikey Im submitting my own divorce petition, and while its not as simple as Id like Wikivorce or whatever they are called have just knocked my confidence completely .
Rang the free advice line with a small query only to be ridiculed and told id be back when it was rejected because there was no way I could do it myself.
I was apparently incapable of managing the forms .
Apparently Id save myself lots of money by paying them to do it .

Put some negative feedback on their feedback forum and it was removed !
Was then pm `d by a moderator or something who was again rude and said 40 % of their calls where from people whose applications for divorce had been rejected by the court and they ended up paying more in the long term to sort out the mess.

I just wanted to submit it myself and Im fairly good with paperwork .
Has anyone done it themselves and managed or should I pay a solicitor ??

OP posts:
BlueBlueBelles · 27/10/2015 23:51

I did all my forms myself. Did a couple of bits wrong - wasnt a problem they just sent them back in the post for me to amend and send back. Cost me court fees of £400 and that was it. Including arrangements for children. And resubmitting as I went for grounds of desertion and court wanted more evidence.

It's not so bad!

TheFormidableMrsC · 28/10/2015 00:01

I did my entire divorce myself, including the financial proceedings (I don't recommend that, I have to say). However, the actual petition was very simple (it was husband's adultery) and my decree nisi was through within a few weeks. Your experience with Wikivorce was awful. I found it quite helpful with a couple of queries but have heard a few similar stories. I am sure you'll be absolutely fine doing your own and you can always come back here and ask if you're not sure. Good luck OP Flowers

darlingish · 28/10/2015 10:19

Thanks both.
Bluebells when you say they sent a couple of things back to you to amend did you have to pay for the amendments each time ?
The man in the wikivorce line said it would cost me £95 a time ?
Mrs C did you have to pay each time ?
Many thanks both .

OP posts:
TheFormidableMrsC · 28/10/2015 10:34

No, I didn't have to pay! Can you expand a bit? The Wikivorce man said it will cost £95 each time if you have to make amendments to your petition? I am absolutely sure that isn't true.

darlingish · 28/10/2015 10:46

Yes that's just what he said .
He told me most people came to him to sort out the mess caused by trying to DIY and would be cheaper in the long run to pay them or a soliciter .
I'm going to have a go anyway..

OP posts:
DivorceAlchemist · 28/10/2015 12:32

Darlingish. Don't allow yourself to be bullied like that it's outrageous. People have different strengths. If you feel confident you can complete the papers, you do it! Seek advice as and when you need it. Not everyone needs a lawyer. Areas that can become complex are pensions, property and business owners. If you are clear what assets and liabilities there are, it's often straight forward. Good luck Smile

wabbitears · 28/10/2015 12:39

Re paying a court fee of £95 if an amendment is required by the court:

1.5 On amending an application for a matrimonial or civil partnership order, amending an application for a declaration to which Chapter 5 of Part 8 of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 applies, or making an application to which rule 7.7(1)(b) of the Family Procedure Rules 2010 applies. £95

40% of divorce petitions are rejected by the largest Divorce Centre (Bury St Edmonds) because of errors - and I would imagine that organisations such as the CAB and Wikivorce are the ones who help people make the necessary amendments.

Have you raised your issues with Wikivorce?

darlingish · 28/10/2015 14:06

Wow so it is £95 a time ?

Well Im paying my solicitor 3000 to do the financial settlement as I agree that will be complex and I need to come out of this with enough to support our dc as he is pretty much absent.
That was my priority so I can house me and the dc .

Thought Id do the divorce side myself .
Im usually pretty good with paperwork and did take a large financial company to court a few years ago and repredented myself to basically sstand up for my moraals --- and I won !

I have no wish to raise concerns with Wiki really .
Thanks tho.

OP posts:
TheFormidableMrsC · 28/10/2015 15:13

Well given the year of court cases I have been through as a self-repper, I had no idea of charges like that. Fortunately, I didn't make any errors so maybe that's why. In my opinion, the divorce itself is very straightforward. It's the finances that are hard. It might be worth doing the paperwork and paying to get a solicitor to just check it over.

BlueBlueBelles · 28/10/2015 22:48

Nope, didn't pay a penny. The court sent them back to me twice I think, and I didn't pay any more.

I even asked them what would happen if I failed under desertion (it went through with more info in fact) and I had to resubmit with just a 2 year separation reason for divorce if I would have to repay and they said no.

I paid one amount outright at beginning and that was it. I went through no one, was all just done by me.

darlingish · 29/10/2015 21:02

All printed and ready post first class tomorrow ! X

OP posts:
Fink · 29/10/2015 21:10

I did it all myself, including maintenance payments, no amendments. Sat down with ex first and discussed finances. Made him cough up the one-off fee (his adultery then desertion). It was incredibly easy. The decree absolute was literally me going up to the desk in a crowded room and the woman stamping a piece of paper and saying 'that's all done.'

darlingish · 30/10/2015 21:35

Thanks Fink.
Signed sealed and sent !!!
And just finished a bottle of Cava to mark the occasion.
Scary and didn't think Id feel so bad x

OP posts:
BlueBlueBelles · 31/10/2015 21:19

Well done!

I did a big divorce dance when mine was finalised. I submitted the first time in July. My decree nisi was prounounced between Christmas and new year. Was best Christmas present for ages.

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