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Accusation in the divorce

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GerrySpringer · 18/09/2015 17:22

I am just asking this on behalf of my brother.
He's divorcing his bipolar wife, who for a few years has put him and the children through hell.

As she is bipolar, she is pretty unstable. I won't list the awful things she has done to the children -but they are pretty bad. My brother was given sole custody of them overseas (where the family were living) and his stbXW moved back to the UK.

My brother wanted the kids to be in the same country and their mother (he's not unreasonable and wants what is best for them) so he also moved home.

However, she is back at it, and has been causing all manner of hell.

In the past month she has gone to the kids school playground and told parents and teachers that my brother is a gay prostitute.

Also was arrested for breaking into my brothers house and keying my Dad's car.

And now she has just launched accusations accusing my brother, among others, of sexual abuse (she did exactly the same overseas and the kids went through very awful times where neither parent could see them and they were taken into care of the state!)

My brother ws found innicent of all charges but yet here she is doing the same thing again.

He has now moved away from her, to a place where he does not know the location as she was causing disturbances at the kids school and he was scared. The police are aware, and advised him to go, but said they could not section her unless she was dangerous to herself or others.

He has a court case next week which has been brought forward but i am just wondering if she can terrorise them forever?

the kids are bigger now and find it all so distressing and my brother has become ill from all the stress.

Does anyone know what can be done to protect him/ then from her behavior? Is she allowed to go around accusing him of all sorts without consequence like this?

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MidnightVelvetthe3rd · 18/09/2015 17:48

No she is not!

Your brother needs to start keeping a diary or some sort of record of the incidents, he could report her to the police for slander but I'm not sure if they would take any action. If he is divorcing at the moment can he ask his lawyer for advice?

Do the children still wish to see the mother, how old are they?

Also try posting in Legal Gerry as there may be more advice in that section :)

GerrySpringer · 18/09/2015 18:09

Thanks I will try that.

No, they absolutely don't want to see her. They call her "psycho", which is really sad but she has behaved as such, ranting on and embarassing them

she actually told them Daddy had touched them and told them they had to tell the police that. It was awful. She did that overseas and am so worried she is going to do the same again.

they have been through hell.

She also accused about 25 other people of sexual abuse including my elderly mother and myself and my child (who was 6 at the time!!!!) so the police knew she was mad as a box of hats but they had to investigate anyway and there were procedures.

Seems mad to me that a mother can ask her children to lie about sexual abuse and have this proven and suffer no consequence. I am so worried about the kids and I think my brother is frozen having panic attacks and does nothing.

Not sure what his soliticitor has said.

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