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Help with DIY divorce papers

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awmoo · 20/06/2015 12:11

Help with DIY divorce papers6 Minutes ago

Hi, this is my first post on here and I need a little advice.
My ex has filed for divorce on grounds 2 yrseparation. It's aDIY divorceso he doesn't have a solicitor and neither do I.

He has previously sent me an email stating that he wants no part of the house or finances and I will be looking into getting aclean breakorconsent order(not sure which I need at moment)

In order to get the divorce moving I need to complete the court paperwork (acknowledgement of service either think) and return it ASAP.

I am a little unsure about question 6 that asks:
In the event of a decree Nisi being granted on the basis of 2 yrseparationcoupled with respondents consent, do you intend to apply to the court for it to consider your financial position as it will be after the divorce.

Do I answer yes or no considering I may want to submit clean break orconsent order.

Also he has agreed to pay all cost for divorce so can I use that as grounds to ­object­ paying costs of proceedings on question 7
Many thanks in advance for your advice

OP posts:
LotusLight · 20/06/2015 12:31

I am not sure but probably the answer is yes because you'll present an agreed financial consent order which both of you are happy with and will appear fair to the judge for the court just to seal without a hearing.

Unless the court seals that order no matter what you and your ex sign there is no closure and one of you could come back to claim more from the other later.

nicholasewing · 20/06/2015 13:20

Yes I completely agree that the court seals that order no matter whoever claims for it. Best thing you can do is take help of professional lawyers to deal with this situation carefully. I can suggest you one reputed firm for this, have a look at for more help.

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