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Divorce Costs - who pays up front?

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SunshinePickle · 05/06/2015 15:59

I'm filing for divorce after finding out that my husband has been having an affair for over 6 months.

Filling out the first bit of paperwork it says to pay fees of £410, but then has a box later on asking if I'd like the respondent to pay the costs? Does that mean I pay now when I send in the paperwork and they'll get STBXH to reimburse me, or that they'll contact him directly for the money?

I've been googling for ages to try to find the answer to the question, or someone to call to ask about it but I'm baffled.

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babybarrister · 05/06/2015 18:59

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CremeEggThief · 05/06/2015 19:03

I only agreed to divorce my XH for his adultery if he paid. I got the money from him upfront before I saw the solicitor. Obviously this will only count, if he wants to get divorced.

SunshinePickle · 06/06/2015 08:10

Hmmmm, so it will probably be better to just ask him for the money up front.

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