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New G/F children been removed

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StillBreathing · 23/05/2015 22:04

Looking for some advice please ladies. After years of Emotional and some physical abuse, I found the courage to leave my Ex. He still see's my ds 7 and dd 5 and dd 2years every weekend. He's good with the kids just not me.

Problem is, his new girlfriend has had her children removed by social services. My lo's haven't met her but I'm obviously paranoid they will before long. Just wondered where i stand with this. If i remove them things could turn nasty and he is good with the kids/they really love seeing him….but i don't want this new woman anywhere near them.

Anyone been in a similar situation?

OP posts:
afreshstartplease · 24/05/2015 08:14

I should think you should be able to get something put in place whereby he sees them without her

Do you know why they were removed from her care?

Treaclepot · 24/05/2015 08:22

You must tell Social Services, though I would do it anonymously. It will depend hugely on why they were removed as to whether it is an issue for your children.

If physical or sexual abuse were an issue you need advice how to ensure she has no contact.

If it was because of neglect, because she couldn't cope then maybe she poses no risk to your DC if your ex is good with them.

If he is abusive to her in the future, they will be witnessing it, so again you need advice.

Must be vey difficult for you.

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