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CETV split 50/50 or other pension calculation

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Mumfun · 07/05/2015 21:37

There are a mixture of pensions for us both on splitting but he has 5 x my value due to longer career and higher salary. We both have final salary and money purchase.

I could go for an actuarial valuation and financial advice but Im not sure it would make any difference to what I get. And would cost a lot.

My lawyer thinks I should but Im not sure.

I can see that sometimes its just CETV taken into account. When would the pensions be equalised and why would that happen?

I have asked an actuary whether I should go for actuarial valuation and he has been honest and said it might make a difference and it might not.

If I go for the actuarial valuation it will cause further delays and Ive been in mediation for a year already (lots of delays including getting former H CETV)

Finding it hard to know what best to do.

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babybarrister · 08/05/2015 23:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mumfun · 10/05/2015 22:01

Thanks for replying. Its so hard to know what to take into account. Courts can go on CETV apparently. Ex wants to do this and cant see why any other calculation should be used.

Have found a half way house in getting ex's final salary CETV assessed to see if it is a reasonable calculation. Will be interesting to see what they say.

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conway · 12/05/2015 03:26

MY solicitor is insisting that we get an actuarial report. My ex doesn't want one either but I have taken the advice of both solicitor's on board and think it will be for the best. We have argued about this for 3 months and spent a fortune on legal fees. He has finally agreed to one but I had to threaten court for him to do so. ( I was told a court would need one)
Like you I just want this over ,it's been going on since September and we are still living in the same house.
It's so frustrating as told my solicitor that he has agreed to a report but still waiting to hear after 2 weeks as want to know whether I have to fill in the form or does my solicitor?

Mumfun · 12/05/2015 12:30

The problem also with an actuarial report at present is all the pensions admin offices are inundated by people wanting admin done for the new pensions freedoms introduced by the government. Therefore if the actuary needs any more information from the pension schemes to value them the replies from the admin offices are going to take a while - Ive been told maybe 2 to 3 months. Potentiall more delays :(

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