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dd's seeing father and missing school?

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Praguemummy · 28/04/2015 11:42

Ladies, does anyone have experience with the following? I am czech living in Prague with my 2 dd's (age 13y and 7y}, I have full custody. My exdh is English living in UK. He insists on having the girls flying over alone for the weekends, which is nice, but also asks me to excuse them from schools as he puts them back on plane on Monday evenings. He is freelance, so can come over here and not stress the kids with flying and late arrivals, but refuses as time in UK with him is better for girls as per him. IS it ok to miss school in UK to be with the other parent?
This term they missed already 7 days of school!

OP posts:
mummytime · 28/04/2015 12:04


He's trying it on. If you lived in the UK and he was having them in Prague, you would be getting in trouble with the school. Letters from school kick off after they fall below 90% attendance. If they are absent for more than 5 days together you could both be fined.
The school would be particularly concerned about the 13 yr old who would be approaching her exam years, when attendance is even more crucial.

I would challenge him strongly. Contact is supposed to be in the interests of the children, not the parents. Missing school is not acceptable. The norm for contact with parents close to each other is every other weekend and one mid week visit, with a share of school holidays.

ProbablyMe · 28/04/2015 12:04

Not reasonable to miss school! As their father he should be putting their education first not causing them to miss 20% of it.

Praguemummy · 28/04/2015 17:07

Many thanks for your sound advice, his blackmailing is very tiring. Now i know how schools in UK work. Both schools are helpfull and on my side, but mainly in creates problems for the girls (all the extra homeworks). Thanks again

OP posts:
KarmaNoMore · 29/04/2015 01:02

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NaughtyRed82 · 29/04/2015 01:26

He's being very unreasonable if he could easily fly to you instead and see the girls and then leave. Sounds like he's just trying to get more time with them each weekend but not fair if they're then missing school and getting behind with work because he's being selfish. He either sends them back in time so they can go to school Monday morning or tell him that he can fly and see them where you are instead

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