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If I go to the CSA for my maintenance

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FTS123 · 26/03/2015 10:23

Does it cost me any money to do it? Ex keeps under-paying every month.

OP posts:
meglet · 26/03/2015 10:25

yes, it costs you now. fucking tories.

unless there's been dv. I'm under the old csa and terrified of the change over.

STIDW · 27/03/2015 20:44

The Child Maintenance Service rather than the CSA now handles all new applications. There is a one off application fee of £20. The CMS then calculate payments and parents can opt to use the Direct Pay Service so the non resident parent pays the recipient directly. If the payments aren't made there is a Collect & Pay service. Only when the CMS collect payments and pass them on to the recipient the paying parent pays an extra 20% fee and the recipient pays a 4% fee of the amount they receive.

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