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What's the cheapest way

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loganberry12 · 19/03/2015 21:02

What's the cheapest way to get a divorce?

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kittensinmydinner · 20/03/2015 17:36

If it's amicable OR there is no money/property to haggle about then do what I did. Go to the county court and ask for the 'divorce' pack. .. Fill it in and send it off. If you are on low wage or benefits ask for exemption from fees leaflet... You really do have to be earning quite a lot before you have to pay anything but I think it is around £250. That's it. .. Wait for a few weeks for the 'nisi' ( a sort of half way stage where you can change your mind... Then if not, the Absolute can be applied for 6 weeks later.. Ask the court people anything about the procedure, (not detailed legal stuff, just the way to do it) they are really helpful.

kittensinmydinner · 20/03/2015 17:37

I think the fee is £250 not how much you have to be earning not to pay it !

babybarrister · 20/03/2015 20:38

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

STIDW · 21/03/2015 17:26

IF you are prepared to do some research and form filling the cheapest way to do the actual divorce is to do it yourself. If you aren't eligible for a remission the court fee for divorce is now £410. Alternatively you could use an online solicitor. Many people make mistakes filling in the form and waste time and money amending the petition so in some cases DIY is a false economy.

However as babybarrister said a court order is required to settle the finances even if you are divorced. Otherwise either party can potentially claim against the other or their estates if they die any time in the future. That means if you win the lottery, inherit or become a successful business person you may have to share some of it with a former spouse.

Most people will need to pay a family solicitor to draft the court order unless they happen to be a family solicitor themselves and the court fee is another £50 if an agreement can be reached. When there is no agreement the court application fee for a financial remedy is £255.

butterfly2015 · 21/03/2015 17:27

A hit man.

kittensinmydinner · 22/03/2015 22:17

Yes, it's true. Even if there is nothing to argue about now, if there is a possibility of it in the future, ( possible inheritance thirty years hence etc etc )then get a lawyer to draft something for you, but if the chances are literally as low as a lottery win, then look up the relevant order online and diy.

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