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Divorce with a man with Asperger

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Kolorica · 16/02/2015 11:01

Hello, I need some help. I have been married for 3 years, but living together with my husband for 5 years. We have a 2 years old boy. He is a Company director and I am a psychologist but full time mother at the moment.
He niated divorce proceedings. My husband is controlling, very abusive emotionally, he tried to throttle me when My baby was only 7 weeks old and I had him on my laps, etc. he is bullying me non stop to find a solicitor and finish " quickly" - as he says. He is full of hate towards me.
He also wants to have half half custody of my baby. I am scared of him, he should not have my child as he can cut off everything and become aggressive. Being a psychologist I know he has Asperger but is very angry when I tell him. That s why he wants to divorce and show me who is him!
Please, can you recommend me a very good lawyer who dealt before with these sort of cases. I live in Central London. Thank you.

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Meloria · 16/02/2015 13:23

Grayfords dealt with my sister's divorce and were so helpful. They will let you go at the pace that's best for your family and will protect you if he keeps trying to rush you.

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