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Anyone any experience of a company called Divorce Online ?

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Bagoffrogs · 20/01/2015 13:23

Just that really, it seems very accessible and straightforward, heaps of time attending solicitors appointments is something I don't have, so any views would be gratefully received.

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STIDW · 20/01/2015 15:44

Basically you get what you pay for. IF you check I think you will find that particular company isn't staffed by qualified and experienced lawyers and there are other online companies that are which might be a better bet if the circumstances are very straight forward. When the situation is more complicated it could be a false economy not making time or paying for a solicitor on the high street.

There are two things you need to be aware of. First of all the divorce, finances and arrangements for any children are dealt with separately. If you are articulate and prepared to do some research and form filling the divorce isn't too complicated to do yourself. The form D8, guides D183,D184 etc and a list of court fees are available to download from the Ministry of Justice website. There are also books such as the Which? guide to divorce and The Family Court Without a Lawyer which are a good staring points for research.

However the finances are more complicated. If there is no court order settling the finances on divorce the financial claims aren't dismissed and either spouse can potentially claim against the other (or their estate when they die) in the future. Even if divorcing couples can agree a settlement most people, unless they happen to be a family lawyer, will require a family solicitor to at least draft the agreement into a form which is acceptable to the court.

The second point is online companies tend to use courts local to them. For example Divorce Online I believe uses the court in Swindon. That means if there are problems with finances or arrangements for children you could have the hassle of travelling to the court near the online divorce company or having the case transferred to your local court.

Pickforme · 20/01/2015 15:50

Divorce online is based in swindon but when my DH used them for his divorce the decrees came from Weston-super-mare. He wouldn't recommend them I'm afraid. Half the time they didn't read the paperwork he sent in.

worldgonecrazy · 20/01/2015 15:57

If you are having a very straightforward divorce, no pensions, no major savings or investments, no difficulty with arranging child access, then you can do the divorce yourself, and your local family court will be very helpful guiding you through the process. If there are any things which are even slightly complicated you are better off going to a divorce solicitor and just having to grit your teeth. If it is complicated enough to require heaps of time attending solicitors appointments, it's complicated enough to need someone with the right qualifications.

Bagoffrogs · 20/01/2015 16:29

I did think this to be the case, divorce will be fairly straightforward but will need some sort of order re us staying in the house. I think I'll spend the extra for the peace of mind and job doing properly

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Bagoffrogs · 22/01/2015 17:23

Update ! Saw a solicitor today, well worth paying the extra for, everything will be watertight and stbxh can't come knocking for anything in a couple of years when his stamina runs out Grin. Costly but worth it. Thanks for all your replies.

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