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Ex wont remove any of his belongings can i legally deliver them pls ?

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fakeblondie · 19/10/2014 21:17

Ok ex dh of 25 years moved out in March.
Since then he has refused point blank to acknowledge anything whatsoever legal ( he has recently turned about with dc and is being much more reasonable here ).
He pays me maintenance reg and on time .
He pays the mortgage while he doesn't have one as living at his parents .
He has a large amount of disposable income each month well over 4 figures and still hasn't saved a deposit to rent somewhere near to dc. That's another story.
DH was a hoarder.
I spent my holiday in April sorting his things.
I spent my entire hol in summer 2 weeks sorting more things ( I mean I did 14 tip runs literally rubbish in 2 days ) I was never allowed in the loft when he lived here .
Each time he has assured me if he hasn't sorted out somewhere to live he will take his belongings and arrange storage.
Each time the date approaches he ignores all efforts of communication until after said time and then promises he will collect another time.
In Aug I agreed to end of October.
He says because he is paying the mortgage that entitles him to leave all his things here and that if he has to pay storage he will reduce my maintainece accordingly. I have happily agreed to that. I explained that I want him to take half the house contents and discuss me taking over the mortgage . He refuses point blank .
I just want all this sorted before the winter so I can move on.
I have offered to hire removal men and have it all packed up for him and delivered and pay myself but he wont give me a delivery address even though he says he has sorted some storage .
His parents are elderly and I don't want to upset them but I really think he will never do this .
If I just have it all delivered to his address can he refuse to take delivery of his own belongings- I mean we are talking lots-he has collected for e.g. prob 15 computers ,4 bikes spare washing machine fridges x 2 tumble drier and I want him to have half the furniture also > I cant even walk around the garage fgs.
So can I just deliver it all onto his driveway ?
Or should I keep it indefinately ?
I know I need to see a solicitor but honestly there is absolutely no way I can find the time at the moment .
I am working have no family help what so ever and since he moved away I have to do all the school runs-the dc go to 2 different counties so I leave at 7 and get to work at 9.30 ! Its 7pm before we are all in properly and I am driving 100 miles a day without clubs in the vague hope that he was telling the truth and will at some point live near enough to help out once a week .Phew sorry im rambling x

OP posts:
wannabestressfree · 19/10/2014 21:37

Personally if it's bothering you that much I would put his stuff in storage and send him a recorded delivery letter with the details of where it is stored. Use the maintenance if need be.
With regard to the divorce and him moving nearer I think we need to make it a priority to see someone and not count on him helping. Sorry.

trumpfamily · 19/10/2014 21:37

I'd go to a solicitor and have a formal letter drawn up. You and your children need stability and you need a line drawn under this situation so that you can move on. It sounds like he is using the house/contents as a way to upset you, don't give him the power.

fakeblondie · 19/10/2014 22:02

Crumbs I never thought of actually putting it in storage myself . What a seriously good idea . There is a storage facility very near ti me too.
Thank you . I can then spend some time seeing a solicitor and starting legal proceedings.
Thank you both .

OP posts:
WellWhoKnew · 23/10/2014 21:49

I sent mine a 'collect your belongings within 14 days or they would be removed to a charity shop' after endless bullshit about how he couldn't be reunited with his belongings.

My solicitor said it wasn't worth her valuable time to get involved (and I agree) and that was fine because he was given notice, consequence and he wrote back a load of shit about it.

So he was told that he'd been served notice.

He wasn't happy. Meh and wrote a letter of complaint about me to my solicitor's.

Who laughed. A lot.

He collected his belongings.

It was legal in my situation because he's not on the tenancy. Dunno about you - if he's named on the mortgage, or paying it direct, then I don't think you can throw out his belongings.

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