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struggling with seperation

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modifiedmother · 19/09/2014 20:45

Mine and my fiance of 7 years relationship has been on the rocks these past couple of months after he seemed to get a taste of what he had when he was younger and atarted going to the pub all the timebafter work and eventually would stay out. 3 weeks ago he didnt come home one night and the next day told me he had 'went' with another girk but not slept with her. He came back and I have been desperately trying to sort things out but him however has slowly went from working it out to saying he doesnt feel like it can be fixed as too mich as happened. For the past 3 weeks he has been staying in the house but he doesnt want to even cuddle me. Over the past week he has said he feels wrong touching me because he doesnt want to hurt me anymore. Last night he didnt come home abd didnt contact me. Got hold of him todat while he was at work and he says hes coning home tonight but has been to see about getting his own private let.

I am devastated. No matter what he does I cant hate him. I am ill, cant eat, sleep or pick myself up. I cant see past a future without him. I have no social life just my family round me. The thought of it being the same stuff day after day.. getting up and hoping for bedtime to come soon then waking up and the process starts again. I cant see how I will ever get over this. I wosh I could feel like just me and my boy is enough but I cant and I geel.dreadfull for it. I feel like ive let my son down. Please tell me this gets easier?

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Cabrinha · 20/09/2014 10:24

Can you repost this in Rwelationships? Much more traffic than here.
It does get easier, honestly it does.

Crushed2914 · 19/10/2014 17:21

Hi there, sorry you are in this place. I am too. My husband has been having an affair for the past 5 months, he says he's in love with her & when I found out he left me & my three week old daughter. It's been four weeks now & I still feel dreadful. I wish I could fast forward time to when it gets better. Just taking one boring day at a time. Have you got friends to stay with you?

jackmac43 · 29/10/2014 08:52

Hi im after a bit of advise? Ive filed for divorce, sent the papers off to apply for a decree nisi, but im not 100% im doing the right thing. I still love my husband. He asked for divorce first, even came home with papers. We had 3 weeks of hell at home and then he changed his mind. He has done this before and pretty much says he wants a divorce every time we have a row. So ive gone thru with it myself. He moves out this weekend to rented accomodation and i actually feel sick at the thought. We have 5 children and 6 months ago i was happy as larry. Cant actually believe im here! I think he was working far too hard, stressful job, and lost the plot for a bit. He started checking my phone and reading things into everything i said.i felt like i was walking on eggshells everytime i walked in the house. He went quite insecure but sadly took that out on me. But i really am having second thoughts. Can i pause the divorce once its isued? How long for and will it cost me?

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