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I want to buy my husband out of our house.

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Onepollock · 12/09/2014 22:36

We are in the process of divorcing. I might be able to buy him out of our house which he was initially pleased about. But has now had the house valued. Thinks there is more equity in the house and is pushing for more than I can afford.

We bought the house just before we were married and have a declaration of trust as I put in an extra 40k in deposit to his contribution.

We also own a flat in his name. I have suggested we both keep what we put in originally and that he keeps the flat entirely in which he has about 40k equity as well.

What should happen to the remaining equity in the house. We did a big extension into which I put about 45k in cash and he about 10k and he borrowed about 20k against the flat he owns.

I can afford to buy him out if he gets back his deposit and keeps flat (which I suppose I should be entitled to half of) but struggling to afford more. I want to keep a home for the children and have checked and I can afford the mortgage on my own. He seems happy for us to sell to see if he could potentially get more from the deal on the open market but we would prob have to move schools etc.

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Onepollock · 12/09/2014 22:54

Sorry, I meant to ask weight is given to a declaration of trust if you've got married subsequently?

I meant to say, he would have enough money to buy a 3 bed house with an affordable mortgage. But he has said why should you get to have a house worth xxx when I wouldn't be able to afford something as big as that. The children will live with me and spend every other weekend with him.

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Onepollock · 13/09/2014 19:30


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