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Nearly divorced couple doing up jointly owned home

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mrsjavierbardem · 24/06/2014 23:16

My friend's nearly exH (the divorce is nearly final and he lives elsewhere) is working on some maintenance on their property. He suddenly told my friend that he expects to be paid by her a per diem rate! No warning or discussion. Their finances are all tied up still and will take a while to disentangle. But surely you can't make someone pay you for working on your OWN HOUSE? I just think its nonsense.
How do you deal with someone who thinks everything he has ever had is his and everything you' ve ever had is his too!
Any advice about how to untangle complex finances, she has a job and the house and the nearly ex is self employed.
Basically she needs to sell up to get shot of him doesn't she?

OP posts:
Youarejustwordsonascreenpeople · 25/06/2014 02:57

Is she still living in the house? Is it part of the divorce proceeding that she gets the house?

mrsjavierbardem · 25/06/2014 09:33

Yes it is her home.
The terms of the divorce are she gets two thirds of the proceeds on sale as he has had the cash capital of the marriage.

OP posts:
Moanranger · 08/07/2014 23:24

Sounds like my X who wanted me to pay him when our adult kids stayed with him, among other things.
Explain to him, that, no, he won't get paid for working on his own house. He may then stop doing it, in which case the work won't get done or you will have to hire someone - and send him a bill for 50% of that, of course!

Oliver111 · 11/07/2014 12:56

I presume he has no cost estimate / contract with your friend for this work signed before the work began, or any other proof of his claim to cash? They are still married and he's working on what is currently his own house? In my opinion he doesn't have a legal hope in hell. Tell your friend to discuss this with her lawyer and then get a real builder in.

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