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Telling the children

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DaisiesDandelions · 24/03/2014 23:13

How did you tell them?

My oldest is 6, he is likely to be the most upset.

my 'husband' says this is all my doing, I wanted this so i can tell them he wants to see what i say. He is likely to say Mummy is kicking Daddy out.

He will hopefully be moving out this weekend so we need to tell them within the next couple of days. I wanted to try ad make it seem less bad by telling them they will have 2 homes and they can help move things into the home they have with daddy (but he doesn't want them involved in the move). I wanted to tell them that we will still look after them almost the same as before, same days etc.

OP posts:
Minime85 · 24/03/2014 23:31

hi. I remember reading your other thread. hope you're OK. we sat pits down together and said we didn't want to live together anymore because we were falling out a lot. that we wanted to be friends still. that we loved them forever and the way mummies and daddies love their children is different to grown ups loving each other, it never goes.

recommended a book on here called mum and dad glue which we got and read to them afterwards. answered questions then again from advice I got on here distracted them with something like a ride to park or a film.

we told them a week before he left. we all then went to his new house together so they could see it. if you can I would advise to let them be involved in some way.

it does get better honestly. such hard and sad times. but it will get better Thanks

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