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where to get good divorce advice cheaply

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ChickOnaMission · 30/01/2014 14:30

My husband and I separated last august after 10 years of marriage, 2 kids–, he was a pot addict, started online relationships with other women, I got fed up and had a fling with someone at work that he found out about. He reacted incredibly badly, tried to get me sacked, made life at work horrible, told the kids what I’d done. All very very ugly and nasty.

Since I moved out we have been amicable about sharing custody of kids etc and had agreed to wait the 2 years to get easy divorce, now he says he wants to name me for adultery and divorce ASAP.

We have no assets, he owes thousand to HMRC and his family. BUT owns his own business which looks like is about to start earning a fortune I felt I was better off waiting the 2 years mainly as I supported him and brought up his kids while he built the business up. I feel I deserve some of the proceeds after the years of bloody poverty while he did this. Seems so unfair for me to walk away with nothing and him be loaded soon which looks like it will happen.

I can’t afford to pay a solicitor, he has got a family member who is a divorce lawyer for free advice.

What should I do? Where can I get cheap but good advice, I work full time so don’t think I’d get help with legal aid. He wants to just get papers together, get me to sign them and move on. How can I get advice on how much he should pay for the kids, can I have any claim on his future earnings since I supported him by staying at home to bring up kids while he set up business.

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DameDeepRedBetty · 30/01/2014 14:44

Hi OP, just bumping this for you.

Also have you posted in Legal as well?

If nothing decent appears here or there, might be worth trying in Chat?

Good luck btw! He sounds a right charmer...

ChickOnaMission · 30/01/2014 15:39

Thanks Dame, just reported in legal.

He is a bastard charmer... I know I'm so much better off without him. Much much happier too.

OP posts:
ChickOnaMission · 30/01/2014 15:40

Re-posted! Not reported!

OP posts:
Lovingfreedom · 31/01/2014 06:52

The important date is the date of separation. It's the assets on that date that are divided out.

ChickOnaMission · 31/01/2014 09:25

wow, so if he has nothing now, i.e when we separate. I'll get nothing, even if his business makes a fortune this year based on the last few years efforts of building it up?

OP posts:
Lovingfreedom · 31/01/2014 21:36

Best speak to a solicitor to confirm but that's my understanding. Perhaps though you are a director of the company or have some ownership or entitlement that way.

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