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What to do?

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Blue225 · 11/01/2014 18:30

Hi, this is my first ever post on here I found mumsnet by accident while typing "coping after husband has affair and leaves" into Google... I guess that kind of says everything.

My Husband has left me and my 3 children after 14 years of marriage, he left day after boxing day after staying out all night coming in at 11 the next day and admitting he'd had a one night stand!

I was mortified he was covered in love bites and I just fell apart (still pretty much falling apart) I asked him to leave and he did, when I saw him next I said I needed to start regaining some of the trust he had lost if we where to remain friends and I asked him to swear he wasn't seeing the ow again or contacting her in anyway. he wouldn't I packed his bags and told him to leave, he did.

Another thing is my Mum passed away 6 months ago it was very sudden and a huge shock to all of us, I have been trying to cope with that loss and this has just hit me like a ton of bricks. I really didn't see it coming I really thought we had a fantastic life. We had a great life together, he wanted for nothing and we all practically wait on him hand and foot we didn't fight, I just don't get it?

At first I questioned him about it and said you need to get tested for HIV/diseases and what to do if girl comes back to him pregnant. He said "it's okay I went and bought protection first" and in the next breath he said "I didn't set out to hurt you" but he had obviously planned it! I could cry again just typing this out, it's breaking my heart all over again.

I don't know what to do or what to say, I have no family to go to for help as mum just passed away and I guess I just wanted to ask for advice, I can't eat or sleep. I'm okay during the day so my children are okay but fall apart at night.

I'm certain he is seeing another woman there's no doubt in my mind he's funny about the hours he comes to see the kids, and looks shifty and tense I can honestly say this is not the man I have loved for the past 14 years he's morphed into some horrible, deceitful, nasty man.

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Hermione123 · 11/01/2014 18:38

Hi op, how awful for you. I've seen lots of stories like this on the relationship thread, I'd repost on there for support too. Good luck

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