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Spousal Maintenance with special needs child??

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mummarzi · 13/11/2013 22:01

I am totally confused. My husband wants us to get divorced and have a clean break financial agreement now that we have been separated for 2 years. I am happy with the amount of child maintenance he pays but I am concerned that I am not being considered for things like spousal maintenance. This is because my son is disabled and I am his main carer. He is 10 years old but goes to a special school. I gave up my career to have our son. At the time my husband earnt just a bit more than I did but as I supported him through our marriage he got better jobs and entitlements. For the last 10 years I haven't paid a pension. Now I am a single parent I have no earning potential as I have been out of my career for 10 years and would need to re train. on top of that I can't work many hours because of my care responsibilties and the fact I need to sleep in the day as my son has wakeful, difficult nights. This means I have less earning potential now and in my future and this has a knock on effect of having a pension. My husband is agreeing to a small sum which he says represents 50% of the pension sum for the years we were married but I feel that caring for my son effects the rest of my working life not just those years we were married. He also gave me a small sum of half the equity in the house which was very small. He is now earning in excess of £50K and gets a bonus scheme and I can't work more than 5 hours a week!!! Any recommendations?

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PottedPlant · 30/01/2014 15:15

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