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Has anyone done a divorce online with *divorce-online*? 45 quid??

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MirandaWest · 18/09/2013 23:33

Remember there are the court fees as well of about £400 (although if you are on a low income you may be exempt from paying them).

It is possible to do the divorce part without paying ay additional costs other than the court costs - my XH and I are doing ours that way as the forms are easy to find and relatively simple to fill in. I will be getting a solicitor for the financial consent order though.

fuckwittery · 18/09/2013 23:34

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MagratGarlik · 18/09/2013 23:44

Got divorced about 14 years ago, so maybe things have changed? We didn't use solicitors and filled in the forms ourselves. There were no children and no assets to argue over and we paid £25 all in.

rockpink · 19/09/2013 23:43

Thank you, I shall have a look. I'm on a v low income so might get assistance but ex will still have to pay his half won't he?

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skyeskyeskye · 20/09/2013 00:03

It costs £410 to file a divorce petition and then £45 to file each piece if paper, Nisi, Absolute and Consent Order. Then if property is involved, you will need to pay legal fees to sort out the house deeds etc if necessary.


Beatrixparty · 02/10/2013 17:08

The £410 includes the entire set of fees to pay - including the application for Decree Absolute.

but it doesn't include any financial order settlement.

Collaborate · 03/10/2013 11:11

There's no additional £45 to pay for nisi and absolute, although financial application do cost.
I agree that for £45 it's unlikely to be anything other than you filling in the petition yourself, albeit through their website.

skyeskyeskye · 03/10/2013 13:33

Yes, apologies, I see that the £410 now includes Absolute etc. that's cheaper because I paid £340 plus 3 x £45, so a total of £475! Typical it becomes cheaper after I do mine. Sod's law again!

Amilliondifferentpeople · 03/10/2013 13:45

I did it DIY - forms are all online. Everything available on google. Can give more info if required.

Collaborate · 03/10/2013 20:03

Decree nisi has never cost anything.

skyeskyeskye · 03/10/2013 22:18

I had to pay my solicitor £45 for Nisi, another 45 for absolute another 45 for consent order. He said each form cost 45 to file! Did he rip me off?!

rockpink · 08/10/2013 18:24

Ok I am gonna do it! Is there a means test to see how much i will have to pay?

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