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Is this what I'm gonna have to deal with?

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Mosschops30 · 07/08/2013 08:55

Dcs have just come back from 2 weeks with ex and ex inlaws.

Ex really took pleasure in telling me that youngest dc was tearful and didn't want to come home.

This morning I say to dc 'ooh I love you' and he said 'I don't like you, I only like daddy and grandma and grandad' HmmHmm

Am so hurt its unbelievable

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Mosschops30 · 07/08/2013 10:21


OP posts:
Soila · 07/08/2013 12:11

How old is your son?

Jux · 07/08/2013 15:31

That's really shit, Mosschops.

It does depend a lot on how old your son is though. Over the next few days, you will probably find out a bit more of what went on, what was said. If ds is pretty young, try not to take it too seriously; two weeks is quite a long time for small children, and - from what I've seen with friends in similar positions to yours - it's as if the child is blaming the mum for not being there. It can take a while for a child to get used to being with the other parent, and not having the resident parent around.

Soila · 09/08/2013 13:54

Jux is absolutely correct.

It really depends on how old your son is and hence my question to you. Don't take it personally - hard to do - but once you learn how not to do so, it's easier to get on with it.

Next time he says something similar, just acknowledge it and move on to something else. Something like,

"You must have had a really good time with daddy. That's great. You know what if I were you I wouldn't want it to end either but here we are."

Good luck.


FennCara · 11/08/2013 21:05

I get this too Mosschops, my DS likes Daddy and Nanny waaaaay more than me. Why? Because I'm the one with broccoli, and bedtime, and teethbrushing, and time out, and all the other stuff he hates. They have Haribo and falling asleep in front of cartoons. They're a treat, I'm a parent. And hopefully in twenty years time he'll realise this and know I did the best for him.

Play the long game OP. If this is the same sort of situation, they'll thank you eventually.

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