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When did the sadness start to go away for you?

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estobi1 · 31/07/2013 22:26

I split with my dh 3 and a half months ago. The first three months were great - I was scared and sad in a lot of ways but not having to deal with the mess misery and drudgery of an unhappy marriage was fantastic. Although I know that I am making the right decision and the house sale is well underway, suddenly I feel as though I have been hit by a wall of grief. I know that this is to be expected and the break up has not been spiteful or nasty at all despite his mother acting in a nasty underhand way. I need strength to get through the next few months when the house sale will complete and I know that my Dh is going to lose his job and not give me any money. Are there any words of encouragement you can offer?

OP posts:
SunshineBossaNova · 01/08/2013 11:44

Hello estobi. I can't remember exactly when the sadness started to go away, but please take my word for it that it does. It's natural to grieve for a marriage or for what it might have been.

I divorced my XH after 2 years on the basis of separation and had a little cry when the decree absolute came through. That was nearly 10 years ago and I don't ever feel sad about my first marriage.

Be kind to yourself lovely Flowers x

WorkingSingleMum · 01/08/2013 12:05

The sadness never came for me. ex h was abusive so it was a wave of relief. but there was pressure.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone :)

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