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can a court make me sell my house?

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sarahsmith1966 · 16/05/2013 18:15

my husband has moved out he family home and we are in the process of sorting out the finances. No divorce planned yet but will sort out soon. Have been split for 6 months now and have new bf. Husband now found out about bf and says our deal for settlement is off and he is holding out for my new bf to move in or we get married so he can have 50% of the house. The settlement we came to agreement on was about 35% of the house value. We have 4 children under the age of 9 together. Any help or advice please. I was led to believe a court looks after the needs of the children and regardless of me moving someone in - not that they would be, its about the needs of the children. The house is not a mansion and i couldn't downsize to anything smaller with 4 kids.

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 16/05/2013 18:18

They can possibly or compel you to buy him out.

Collaborate · 16/05/2013 18:32

Whether they will is a different question. Depends on a whole lot of stuff. You really need to take some proper advice. Have a look at the Resolution website for details of a solicitor near you.

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