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Residency, can anyone explain it a bit to me?

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leftfootrightfoot · 06/04/2013 20:28

Saw solicitor about divorce last week, she suggested i get residency of the children as H has mental health issues, anger issues and a new woman who also has mental health issues. She explained briefly about it but I can't remember what she said tbh as there was so much to take in.

If I apply for residency could it be he just agrees and that is it, job done, or does it go to court anyway?

How does the procedure work in real life?

If I get residency what will that mean for me, the kids and my H, when things have settled and I feel he has resolved his issues can I then let the children stay with him?

Does it effect maintenance etc?

OP posts:
Collaborate · 07/04/2013 07:15

The court will only make a residence order if either there is a dispute between the parents or there is some other good reason why making an order would benefit the child. What would that reason be in your case?

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