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How To Stay Sane (ish) Before Court Advice!

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mumineedawee · 18/11/2012 21:06

I have an incredibly abusive ex P.
We will soon have a hearing in court to determine where the children will live, etc.

For over a year, they have lived with me, they have never looked to live, or see ex P at all. He makes occasional contact with me via email or text, to arrange visits, or school parent meetings, but never keeps to arranged times, dates, or whatever.

He frequently causes trouble in the form of malicious social services complaints (they just don't respond to his 'issues' now as they say they are unfounded) and so on.

His latest approach is to look for absolute custody/residence, and the court hearing is soon.

Any tips or coping strategies from experienced mums?


OP posts:
QuiteQuiet · 18/11/2012 21:07

Do you have any evidence, apology notes, police calls, bad social work reports on him?

QuiteQuiet · 18/11/2012 21:08

Reading that back, try to relax, I would be very surprised if he went ahead, mine didn't, which leaves another problem as nothing is in place via a court!

mumineedawee · 18/11/2012 21:15

Thanks for answering.

He is full steam ahead and relishes the thought of his day in court.

I however, am a nervous wreck!

It makes life harder than usual.

OP posts:
QuiteQuiet · 19/11/2012 14:55

It does yes, do you have a good Solicitor?

Womens Aid have some great Lawyers, I didn't report any abuse sadly but my ex is messing up at his end big-time, without my help and I have many 'I'm sorry' cards and letters.

I'm also a bundle of nerves as trying to get an injunction out on someone without them hitting you, smashing your windows etc is difficult, so I continue to write in Diary for the police, I have no idea how long I have write tis 'Diary' but my mum now has one also, she stupidly texted him, she is now receiving up to 70 with-held calls a day, he thinks she is me... Hmm

Have you started a diary yet? If not you should, it paint a good picture if/when you go to Court.

Do you have any reasons to worry, such as drugs alcohol, letting your child roam the streets in the dark, not feeding your child etc? If not try not to worry, I know it is easier said than done. Have Social work listened to him so far?

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