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can I stay in the house?

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s0fedup · 25/08/2012 21:18

just a quicki...
if we were to separate can I expect my H to move out of marital home?
I have 2 dc (6 and 3) and I would like to stay to keep it secure for them. Would I have to pay the full mortgage? i know he would wamt to sell but i only work part time so I would never be able to afford the mortgage on my own or to buy somewhere else...
thanks in advance for your advise

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devonsmummy · 25/08/2012 21:35

Sorry,no advice - but interested to know

Shybairns · 27/08/2012 17:49

How long have you been in the house and how much equity is in it?

Every situation is different. Could your h afford to rent somewhere else and keep on paying current mortgage and bills?

Ask your solicitor. If you haven't seen one yet, most solicitors will see you for the first time with out charge. They'll give you lots of good free advice in that time too. Knowledge is power.

susiedaisy · 27/08/2012 18:29

Hi op just found your other thread, book yourself a free 30 min app with a family solicitor they will be able to tell you far more in that session than we can it's what I did, I stayed in the family home exH left I then bought him out and now own the house completely I managed to get a mortgage using a company (popular high street name) that took my small income child maintenance and tax credits In to consideration, it can be done but I would strongly advise you book app with solicitor first, most do a free 30 mins session to begin with, and also I found the charity helpline Turn2Us very helpful for letting me know what I may be entitled to.

s0fedup · 27/08/2012 19:31

thanks for replying
and special hello to Susie!
we bought the house 7 years ago for 245,000 and it would go for around 280-300 now. Have about 170,000 left on the mortgage...
I dont know if he could afford to rent as we overpay (he wants to pay it off early) We r due to remortgage soon and he has not sorted it which is strange...
I would like to stay here but he would want to sell...

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