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Changing DD's name.

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NoToastWithoutKnickers · 25/08/2012 18:56

Or rather adding my own surname after XH's.

Last summer we had a conversation in which he told me he presumed I would revert to my maiden name (correct) and that if I wanted to add it to DD's name (ie double barrell her) then he would agree.

I'm expecting decree absolute any day now and will formally change back asap. Since I'm in the process of registering DD for pre-school I decided I may as well do hers at the same time. I mentioned it this morning when I dropped her off with him and he's now told me there's no way he'll give his consent, despite what he said last year.

Is there any way around this?

OP posts:
Collaborate · 25/08/2012 21:47

No. You need his consent or an order of the court.

planetpotty · 25/08/2012 22:47

You do need his agreement to do that.

Frikadellen · 01/09/2012 19:44

Will he agree to it the other way around? if your Smith and he is Jones will he agree to Smith Jones not Jones Smith?

Oluchi · 02/09/2012 00:10

Frikadellen, I am in a similar situation and tried this. I even typed out both letters with the names so ex could choose which he wanted to sign. He refused.

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