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assault / attempted murder

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redrosette · 29/07/2012 20:21

Hi everyone, asking for a friend, not me!

She was assaulted by her husband - he choked her so hard that her eyes are sore and red, pretty much kinda popped out, she only got away by scratching him/poking his eyes.

She got the fright of her life.

He's appearing in court tomorrow, the police are saying assault, possibly attempted murder.

What are the sentences for this? Especially in Scotland? She's terrified he'll just get a fine but is also worried about repercussions from his friends/family if he gets custody.

She says she'll divorce him but she's forgiven him before (although I think this is the first assault)

OP posts:
CuriousMama · 29/07/2012 20:24

Your poor friend Sad No idea but I hope she doesn't go back to him.

bellarose2011 · 29/07/2012 20:28

it totally depends on each case but can carry very long sentences. often they will charge them with attempted murder but do a plea bargain at the last minute, as in if he admits assault and they drop it from attempted murder. saying that im not sure how different the scottish system is.

Soila · 29/07/2012 20:28

Hi Redrosette,

This is a really difficult one. My advice is that she will need to get legal advice as to what it might mean if he is only fined etc. How she can keep herself safe.

Maybe there are people she can go and stay with while all this is going on?

redrosette · 29/07/2012 20:35

hi, she's staying with a friend yes and she's going to get a lawyer. She's keeping in touch with me and other friends, so she has support.

She's not Scottish born though.

I'm just worried for her - I'd hate for him to just get community service.

OP posts:
redrosette · 29/07/2012 20:36

sorry that should read - she's not british born

OP posts:
Soila · 29/07/2012 20:53

Great that she has you and others around her.

Sounds like all she needs now is the law to take care of her and it sounds like that's on the right track too, seeing as the police are thinking of it as possible attempted murder.

Fingers crossed Redrosette.

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