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Crisis Loans?

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BlueJellie · 29/07/2012 10:36

So following my separation when i was told by tax credits I couldn't claim till under my own roof, by which time they would take 3 weeks to pay me (if anyone saw my previous post):

I moved out and claimed tax credits and housing benefit on 7th July. Still not received anything, phoned tax credits who told me that as they are now too busy with renewals I should expect an 8 week wait from my claim date, and not to ring them back until 31st August. If no housing benefit received by Monday I will ring the council as my rent is due on the 3rd and I am seriously worried now.

I get paid on Tuesday, £800 - £500 of which is rent and £223 to my childminder for the past month. Leaving me with under £80 which will easily be sucked away by other direct debits taking me into charges galore on my account.

What am i supposed to do to survive while waiting for benefits to be sorted out? Has anyone ever tried claiming a crisis loan? The guidance confused me are they only available if you are without money following a disaster?

OP posts:
PiratesMolMabel · 29/07/2012 18:11

Crisis Loans are available to anyone who needs goods or money in order to prevent a serious risk to their health and safety. You will need to show that you have no other way of raising the money - they will ask if you can borrow it, do you have a credit card? could you get an overdraft? will your employer advance you some of your wages. You will need to supply bank statements etc.

However, unlike credit cards, overdraft etc a Crisis Loan is interest free so a better option. I say go ahead & apply.

You could go back to HMRC & ask for your claim to be considered under hardship arrangements. I suggest that you go to the CAB for help & advice.

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