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Divorcing a passive agressive/

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rainnie · 24/07/2012 23:20

I haven't posted a question before so here goes. I have been seperated from my passive agressive husband for almost 4 years. During this time he has tried to prevent me from moving out of the area with the children, and failed thank God. I am now trying to get the monies sorted out so I can get a divorce. The problem is he refuses to accknowlege that he has recieved any letters even though Ihad him served in person at work with witnesses. I believes that if the letter remains unopened then it doesn't count. What do I do next? Has anyone successfully divorced a passive agressive. Feeling like I will never be free/

OP posts:
lisaro · 24/07/2012 23:23

Nope. Have them served by the court. And even if they don't actually get to him you can still get a divorce.

rainnie · 24/07/2012 23:38

Good to know, thanks. I will get onto that tomorrow. Do you know if I can get his bank to release statements as I am getting no info from him.

OP posts:
Collaborate · 25/07/2012 00:14

He doesn't have to open the letter. If you have a witness to service they can do a statement of service.

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