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Private detective thingy

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GrooveAngelWillBoogieAgain · 21/07/2012 21:57

Have name changed for this

My husband is having an affair : he has no idea that I know

I want to catch him in the act - so to speak - and have thought about hiring a Pricate Detective

I know when had will meet her next and where - so really just need time stamped photos emailed to me anonymously

Has anyone done this?

Did it cost much?

How did you find your Pricate Dick?

Did it work to your benefit?

All advice appreciated.

With thanks. X

OP posts:
TodaysAGoodDay · 21/07/2012 21:59

Why don't you just confront your husband? It will be quicker, cheaper and easier.

MrsJREwing · 21/07/2012 22:01

get a friend in a wig to follow him and take photos for you.

pickledsiblings · 21/07/2012 22:04

Not necessarily as he will most likely deny it although I read on here recently that someone's OH continued to deny it even when he had been caught in the act Shock.

reddaisy · 21/07/2012 22:06

What would it achieve? For what it is worth, I once contacted a private detective about an ex of mine and he was basically like a counsellor for an hour on the phone when I told him the situation and talked me out of it. He didn't charge me a penny.

feelingfull · 21/07/2012 22:12

Do you want him to stop and get your relationship back on track? Or you want him gone?

Mum2Fergus · 22/07/2012 08:39

Why dont you confront them both at their next meeting?

STIDW · 22/07/2012 16:47

What's the point? If you don't trust him the relationship is over and if you divorce it won't make any difference either to the divorce or finances. No self respecting PI will work without instructions from a solicitor anyway. The last case I heard of when the PI was involved the the client and the PI were taken to court for a harassment and misuse of computers and they narrowly missed a prison sentence. It just inflamed the situation and the client and his wife spend a total of over £100k in legal fees from a pot of £250k.

GrooveAngelWillBoogieAgain · 22/07/2012 18:19

Good points everyone. Thanks.

Just choosing MY right time for the confrontation - making sure that Dc are out of the way as they don't need to witness the inevitable nuclear fallout.

Wish me luck.

OP posts:
feelingfull · 22/07/2012 22:16

think about what you really want, even if it's short term before you do anything.
for me, just know that he was and him still denying it gave me so much strength (he made me out as being crazy for months). For me, I just wanted a confession and truth from the horses arse.
take care of yourself

Spree · 24/07/2012 05:42

The only reason I can think of for hiring a PI is so you can have some sort of evidence and can file for a "fault" divorce listing adultery.

But I don't think in the UK, filing for adultery gives you leverage for more of an asset split though.

Good luck with confronting and expect him to deny, deny, deny, take the affair underground until you have absolute irrefutable proof Sad

Mobly · 01/08/2012 13:53

I would get irrefutable proof before confronting him. Do you have proof already?

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