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just decided to split from dh need advice please!

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endofanera · 14/05/2012 08:44


DH and i have decided to split. Things are starting to get messy. Dh is abit simple and seems to think that i should phone benefit office to pay the rent on the house we live in when he moves out. He bloody earns 4 grand a month! And, owns two flats which he rents out.

Please can someone point me in the right direction on what i need to do! I really dont want to end up on benefits.

I am gald we are splitting but want to keep things amicable for dd sake. Really need advice as not done this before.

Thankyou in advance.

OP posts:
GlaikitFizzog · 14/05/2012 08:50

someone will be along soon who knows the drill better but you need a solicitor. do you know anyone who could recommend one?

I'm sorry this is happening to you and wish you all the best.

endofanera · 14/05/2012 08:56

Thankyou Glaikit. To be honest i feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulder's. I stupidy married a spineless muumys boy. And i want to be free!!

He is sooo amazingly thick ( feel horrid saying that, but its true).

I dont even know where to start with all this - other than mumsnet!

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BranchingOut · 14/05/2012 09:09

I think there might be calculators on the CSA website.

Olympia2012 · 14/05/2012 09:14

Do you work?
Rent or mortgage?

endofanera · 14/05/2012 09:22

i dont work as fulltime carer to dd who has disability. We are currently renting but dh has two flats in his name which he rents out to tennents. He says he will move into one. I think i will need to look for another house to rent that is cheaper and closer to my family. Will he have to pay the rent on that? Thankyou for your responses.

OP posts:
Olympia2012 · 14/05/2012 09:25

No he won't have to pay your rent.... And why would you want to?

He will pay you maintenance. 15% of his salary
You will have to claim 'benefits'... Inc support, housing benefit etc

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