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How much have you got in divorce settlement?

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Spree · 22/04/2012 14:23

I am currently a SAHM and H earns a considerable sum. We currently live abroad and I am trying to decide whether to file here or in the UK.

I understand I would need to be resident in the UK for at least 3 months before I could file.

We have a large lump sum in savings, currently held in my name and a house in the UK.

I do need to speak to a solicitor to find out how much / what I would be entitled to.

But would like to get an idea of what SAHMs in long term marriages, where the Hs earn a substantially have got as settlement. Gives me an idea of what to ask for when I speak to solicitor too.


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nkf · 22/04/2012 14:28

You need a solicitor. What I know is that you start with an asumption of 50/50 and then negotiate. At present, it's all joint. Child maintenance is, as a minimum, CSA rates. The other stuff - house, pensions, spousal maintenance, savings - is the negotiable stuff. That's the UK. Good luck.

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