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Advice on debt in joint name and who should have money from house

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luckybun · 21/03/2012 09:38

HI - right, just wondered if anybody has any advice for me. My husband and I are separating, he is moving out while house is sold. House is in joint name but about 2 yrs ago his father paid off lump sum of mortgage, actually all of mortgage. At the time it was a gift but I have now been told that he did this in good faith that we would stay married..... ! He now wants his money when the house sells. Where do I stand??

On another note and actually far more serious in my eyes is that when we initially bought the house we got a loan out on top of mortgage for £28k for works to the house unsecured in both our names - I thought that H was paying this off, but it now appears that this is in serious arrears of £9k - ie we now owe £37K on this loan!!! He has been in touch with the loan company all along and so we have no ccjs etc just a vvvvv bad debt which I knew nothing about! I am furious with myself for not opening the mail from them but I honestly believed that H was looking after that and he certainly never let on to me that he hadn't been able to keep up with the payments. My concern now is that when we sell how on earth am I going to be able to rent something for myself and my DD if my credit rating has been shot to pieces by my STUPID ex?????

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MyLittleMiracle · 21/03/2012 21:35

For a start, place an ad on gumtree, i did, and with crap credit rating, no rent inadvacne and no deposit and on housing benefit I HAVE FOUND SOMEWHERE, and it is perfect, a nice two bedroom house. There are people out there who will take it. Some landlords (mainly in local papers) dont even check credit rating, more want references, they are mainly worried they will get their rent and that the place wont be wrecked (as is my LL ot be as on april) Sure its not ideal but it will get there.There are places out there. I would personally recommend you contact SHELTER, they will be better placed to advise you!

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