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WherecanIhide · 06/05/2011 19:01


I saw my (Legal Aid) sol 5 weeks ago about begining the divorce process. She is meant to be sending h a letter re his adultry. She hasn't done this yet.
My question is; what sort of time is normal/average/acceptable for such letters (and all the further paperwork) to be sent? Does each stage take weeks?

Any thoughts/experiences shared would be appreciated

tia x

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countydurhamlass · 06/05/2011 21:28

i work for a solicitors firm and the initial letters are sent out within a week at the lastest, usually within a couple of days. Usually we give the other party three weeks to respond and then if he hasnt agreed to a divorce on the grounds of adultery or hasnt responded we would look at unreasonable behaviour. i am almost sure it is a legal services commission requirement that your file is looked at every three weekish, even if its just a note on the file to say nothing to do. there is nothing stopping her drafting the majority of the paperwork straight away and leaving the sections about the reason for divorce to be included later. if its a divorce where the respondent doesnt have to agree then its all done within a week (we often make another appt for you to come in again at the end of your first appt to sign the docs if that's the case).

i would make a complaint about your solicitor to her supervisor/partner in the firm as it shouldnt take that long.

WherecanIhide · 07/05/2011 19:28

That's a very helpful reply - many thanks

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