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How would we cope financially?

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potatosoup · 07/02/2011 23:02

Things haven't been great for a very long time.We stayed together 'for the children'.Its not working and seems to doing more harm than good.
What i don't understand is-if we split,how on earth would I cope money wise?
We privately rent,would we(myself and 3dc)be able to stay in the house?I work part time but in the evening,so that wouldn't work.I'm looking for day work but there's nothing around.
I don't understand how any of it works?

OP posts:
MatureUniStudent · 15/02/2011 18:27

Potato - contact your local council about housing benefit. Find out all the info you can before you do anything. Also the Jobcentre plus or Direct Gov on line helped clarify what I might be entitled to. And Good Luck!

bobs · 15/02/2011 18:29

Some advice I was given once was to go see a divorce solicitor - pref one that gives you first session free just to find our your rights. Apparently it really helps...

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