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Dementia & Alzheimer's

Hospital admission for memory problems

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YesAnastasia · 28/09/2020 13:17

Hi. My mum has terrible memory problems, depression, anxiety and has recently lost the ability to do almost anything.

The memory clinic have said her brain shows only 'normal' signs of atrophy so no Alzheimer's or dementia. They discharged her and referred her to the alcohol team.

She isn't eating or looking after herself or her home. She can never remember what she has been doing or who she has spoken to so thinks she has seen no one at all. She has recently got very mean and argumentative. She was difficult and controlling before so she's impossible to help right now. She is completely unable to follow any kind of plan to stop drinking.

I have no idea what to do with her. She smokes like a chimney and is covered in bruises that she can't remember getting. She has no idea what is happening with money/bills etc. So she's extremely vulnerable to lots of things right now.

If she woke up this morning like this, we'd be straight to A&E or calling an ambulance. She has lost her mind.

Please can someone give me advice on how to get her admitted so they can work out what is happening with her? Thanks in advance!

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Pinkshrimp · 28/09/2020 15:40

She will presumably have had blood tests prior to seeing the memory team, she’s had brain scans and, if the bloods & scans haven’t shown anything up, I don’t imagine anyone would recommend admitting her tbh.

If they are referring her to the alcohol team they must have reason to believe she is drinking a fair bit which could be reason alone for her memory issues, anxiety, depression and bruising.

Are you able to speak to her GP and discuss your concerns and check that blood tests for the following have been done and that they have checked a urine sample for a UTI? These are things that are usually done before referring to the memory team but it’s possible something could be missed in these strange times.

Vitamin D

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YesAnastasia · 29/09/2020 09:32

We had an emergency appointment yesterday and it turns out (luckily?!) she had a temperature. This meant that the Dr could justify admitting her to hospital. The combination of her losing a stone since the last time she was weighed, her temperature and her 'fuzzy' mind was enough. Sadly, my auntie was against it and the Dr decided to have nurses come out to her instead.

They did blood tests, a covid test and took a full history. (She's sending a urine sample tomorrow) They then did what everyone else does, asked me what I want from the service! The Dr asks me what more tests I want, the carers ask what I want! I have no idea. It's very frustrating.

When the temperature goes down, she'll be left again with no treatment. I just don't know what to do.

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