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Dementia & Alzheimer's


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harleysmammy · 06/01/2017 16:05

Hi. I dont even know if i can put this here but i have no idea where else to talk about it. My Bampi (grandad) has had parkinsons disease for a good 14 or 15 years and for at least 10 - 12 years of that, other than his hands shaking and needing a walking stick to walk properly, it never really got him down. Then in about 2014 he started having hallucinations but they werent anything sinister, he used to be in the garage and pot around for hours and hours on end and my nan would go in and he'd be talking to his brothers that had been dead longer than ive been alive, it was just that though, just talking to people and seeing things that werent there. They did start to get worse over and his walking got worse but he would still have days that he would be like a 50 year old man again. Last march, he fell of the dining room chair and hit his head and hip, when my dad and his brothers and our next door neighbor tried to lift him (my nan cant lift him as she's also 77) he was hitting them, screaming at them and generally acting like he was going to fight them. When the ambulance arrived, we think he thought they was police men taking him to prison, and he was still kicking, hitting and screaming, so much so a number of people in the street came out thinking someone had been murdered. My Bamp has never once raised his voice at any of us grandkids or my Nan, in the 17 years i've known my Bamp he has always been the most laid back and quiet man going. Obviously we knew had dementia, he couldnt remember what he had for breakfast the same day but he could remember the one time us grandkids had been naughty or the time my dad and uncles snuck out at night about 40 years ago. In the hospital he was having good and bad days, he would have days where he would sleep constantly, other days where he'd shout at people and other days where he would be perfect and he could still walk. Then the day he was supposed to come home, he fell and broke his hip. They knew he was hurt but they didnt realize he had broken his hip until 4 weeks later. They gave him a replacement and 3 weeks later it popped out. They again didnt notice until 2 weeks after and when they took him down to theatre to put it back in, he came back on the ward and the consultant told us he was unable to put the hip back in and he would never walk again. Because he was in so much pain, he was kicking off massively and he was put into the mental health section ward and was sectioned for 2 months. They finally put him on meds that would stop the pain to a degree so he wouldnt be so aggressive and 7 months later he came home. He is bedbound and will not listen that he is home and cannot walk. My nan who is 77 is his full time carer but has carers 4 times a day to pressure relieve him. He has days where he is fine but most days he's screaming and shouting and hitting everyone. Im 24 weeks pregnant and am petrified he's gunna hit my belly or pull me into his hospital bed. He's constantly hitting and kicking out at the carers, my dad and uncles, he's hit me before but luckily not my stomach. He's constantly got water and chest infections and he can have days where he willnsleep for 48 hours with no food or drinks. What i really just wanna know is, how long is it before enough is enough? My cousins and i cant cope with anymore, my dad and my uncles are on the verge of loosing it and my nan is gunna end up in hospital herself before long. The doctor said earlier he was deteriorating. Is he going to die? Should he be in a home where he can have better care? Im sorry for rambling, if this isnt allowed here then feel free to remove x

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