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MavisEnderby · 04/09/2009 22:32

Following on from a thread I read tonight about adverts.

Do you think that men are portrayed as "stupid" in a lot of adverts?

One that really annoys me states "So easy,a man could do it".

I can't even remember what theproduct was but find myself tutting at it.

As silly as the "Happy period" one.

OP posts:
Kevlarhead · 15/09/2009 23:34

I just bear in mind the fact that the media are self-serving nepotistic scum with great power, zero responsibility, and a petulant disregard for decency and anything other than their own imagined rights.

Attack through humour & sarcasm, and deliver biting verbal-bitch slaps to anyone who believes that shit.

Whoo... I think you just touched a latent nerve...

UrbanDad · 30/11/2009 11:57

Just pray that Dave "nice guy trojan horse for the nasty party" Cameron doesn't dismantle the BBC as he appears to be threatening to do or you will be a lot unhappier in the times to come.

What is a crying shame is that so many talented artists, directors and producers end up pushing washing powder and hair products etc and what could otherwise be biting and incisive drama or hilarious comedy is channelled into the sewer of advertising and becomes limpwristed corporate flagwaving.

lurkingdad · 01/12/2009 19:30

Yes, men are portrayed as stupid in almost any advert that has a couple in it. Now I know we are supposed to be respecting women to give girls positive role models, but what are we telling our kids about men and the respect they deserve?

take for example some advert where the mum is ill so the dad does all the washing, yes he gets all the points for doing the washing but at the end it cuts to some shot that shows him as incompetent.

It's always the men who are pathetic in cold adverts and the women who are all smug having taken the drugs, and the mum will invariably raise an eyebrow as the man calls from the bedroom.

right.... I'm going to stop now before I really get on my soap box this is just me getting warmed up!

SuperflousBuns · 01/12/2009 20:19

My DH is boycotting all 'muller' yoghurts because of the one for little stars advert,'calling all mums'.....he gets really annoyed about it.

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