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central london family restaurants...any suggestions?

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JandLandG · 23/07/2009 13:24

we're staying at a hotel at the old glc hq near the millennium wheel london eye thing next week.

i don't mind garfunkels and those kind of places, but anyone any thoughts on good central london resturants suitable for me and the missus plus our 8, 5 and 18 month old nippers?

give me a shout if so


OP posts:
EllieG · 23/07/2009 13:26

Giraffe on the Southbank will find link in a mo

EllieG · 23/07/2009 13:28

Here 'tis

There's one in Islington too, apparently they are very kiddie-friendly

JandLandG · 23/07/2009 13:31

wow, thanks...looks ok. not too loud though, is it?

OP posts:
EllieG · 23/07/2009 13:33

Dunno - not been myself but a few of us on my postnatal thread are meeting up there with out 15month old LO's and the London ones recommended it saying was nice grub and good for kids. That or Canteen on southbank is apparently also family-friendly

mustrunmore · 23/07/2009 13:36

Giraffe is good food but very expensive (altho most things are in central anyway!!).... and yes, it is loud!

DadInsteadofMum · 24/07/2009 11:28

Rainforest cafe - near Piccadilly circus - a bit overpriced but the kids love the jungle setting and the animatronic animals.

JandLandG · 25/07/2009 23:56

hey, thanks for all the responses...we're going on thursday, nippers v excited, train booked, hotel sorted, millennium wheel reserved, now food organised too!

OP posts:
richarda · 24/10/2009 21:46

I have always been disappointed by Rainforest Cafe food. Really poor and overpriced.

Smolenskys on the Strand is nice. Belgos near Covent Garden is a bit away from you but you are bound to head over there at some stage - they also have an early evening beat the clock deal - the price you pay for the meal is the time on the clock when you place your order ie. £5.25 if you order at 25 past 5.

There are a good number of decent restaurants just round the Southbank near Southwark Bridge. Wagamamas, Pizza Express, a Greek place and Tas Pide. All just past the Tate Modern right on the water front.

Have a great time.

BecauseImWorthIt · 24/10/2009 21:48

Isn't there a big Chinese restaurant just near the London Eye? Usually good for/with children.

BelfastBloke · 29/10/2009 06:48

We eat regularly in Tootsies. There's a couple in Central London and one just down from Holland Park tube.

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