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mustrunmore · 31/12/2008 15:20

Really need some more male opinion here

Thank you lovely people

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PuzzleRocks · 31/12/2008 17:53

bumping for you

mustrunmore · 31/12/2008 18:21


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retiredgoth2 · 31/12/2008 18:35

...'tis done.

morethanyoubargainfor · 31/12/2008 18:44

Just asked my DH and he said, (and you won't get a more honest answer, trust me!) he said

She is dressed wrong and doesn't think her dress matches her,

seems friendly and possibly a party girl who,loves to have fun

he thinks she is office based for her job, maybe council(i disagree i think she does something creative!) but is successful in what she does

He think she is 34.

HTH he is very precise

mustrunmore · 31/12/2008 19:02

Thanks appreciate that. She wants to know in what way she doesnt match her clothes? Can you ask him?! I'm relaying all this by text!!

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morethanyoubargainfor · 31/12/2008 19:08

I asked him and he said,

the clothes seem to give off a different message than she does, the dress looks quite cheap, where as she has an air of classiness about her! He wasn't sure how to desribe it so he came up with,

You have a beatiful grandfather clock but somebody has put a cheap imitation clock face in it.

Does that make sense?

I think he means she looks better than her dress. (its a compliment)

mustrunmore · 31/12/2008 19:11
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morethanyoubargainfor · 31/12/2008 19:12

I take it you understand then?!

mustrunmore · 31/12/2008 19:18

I think we do!! She wants to know if you're from London.. as if that'd make some kind of diff Maybe she thinks more likely to be a true opinion if you are/arent?!

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morethanyoubargainfor · 31/12/2008 19:22

We are from London, but have lived in the country for last 7 years!

we are intrigued as to what differnce it makes!

mustrunmore · 31/12/2008 19:29

Dont ask me. Think she's been on the wine already!

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morethanyoubargainfor · 31/12/2008 19:34

oh well, good for her, intresting question tho'

mustrunmore · 11/01/2009 14:41


Ok, so after comments from mn, we took some more photos this week , on her request. Could you just all come and have a look here please

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