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husband misses his social life - what's yours like?

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loveverona · 13/11/2008 14:50

I have an issue which I'd really like your advice about. We moved to a new area about a year ago for my DH's new job. His old job was for a large-ish company and he had a good social scene there, going out no and again but also having a laugh in the office. He now heads a small company (5 of them in the office!) and misses the social side of things terribly. He's made one or two friends with whom he meets every now and again, and goes to London every couple of months or so to catch up with the old lot. But he feels quite lonely and I don't know how to help him.

I know it's different for guys as you, in general, are at work all day, whereas us Mums get more opportunity for meeting potential friends. But I wondered if you had any ideas as to how he could meet people and what your social scenes are like.....if you don't mind me asking!

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StubbleOnChin · 13/11/2008 15:06

Mine is pretty dire, so I can't help much . Similar problem!! Will watch with interest though.

DadInsteadofMum · 13/11/2008 19:56

Social life? No sorry got me there.

The village mums mafia is incredibly strong, dads have a curfew and aren't allowed out with the Don's say so.

Kevlarhead · 13/11/2008 23:19

Social life? I had one of those once...

PortAndLemon · 14/11/2008 00:11

How old is he?

Rotary Club (technically you need to be invited to join, but I gather that often it's a matter of contacting your local branch, telling them you're interested, and they invite you to join)?

Round Table?

Round Table is for 18-45 year olds; I don't think the Rotary Club has an official age limit but it tends to be seen as "older" and something to move on to after the Round Table (generalising wildly there from what I remember of family friends who were in one or the other)

Or Lions Club? I remember the Lions Club used to organise the Father Christmas float that came around before Christmas when I was young... [lost in a mist of nostalgia emoticon]

loveverona · 14/11/2008 17:07

Thanks very much all. I'll pass that on.

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