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where would i sell vintage star wars figures

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mustsleep · 30/08/2008 18:16


my dh has a selection of star wars toys mint in their boxes from the 70's and 80's and would like to look into selling them or having them valued

couldn't think of where to start really though does anyone know any websotes or stores (we are in leeds) that do this or has any advice

thanks any help will be muchly appreciated

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pipintroll · 30/08/2008 18:36

They should fetch good money. try ebay to get some idea of the value.

mustsleep · 30/08/2008 20:09


have had a look on ebay but not sure tyhat i am looking in the right place there wasn;t really anything similar on - maybe i would have more luck with the usa ebay?

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Califrau · 30/08/2008 20:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mum2bean · 30/08/2008 20:14

have you tried comic book stores? i have no idea if they have any in leeds,( i have only seen them in croydon/london but assume they are everywhere) you can tell if they are interested, as they usually sell them as well. hope it helps.

abarefootboy · 31/08/2008 00:06

i'll buy them! contact me [email protected]

mustsleep · 31/08/2008 12:20

thanks will send you an email later on today prob wih details of what he actually has

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