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Sorry to make you all cross your legs - but have any of you had the snip?

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PetitFilou1 · 12/08/2008 09:23

We're about to have dc3 and neither of us want any more children. Dh has said he will do it but is clearly terrified. His being a doctor doesn't help as he knows too much (as do some of his colleagues). Obviously I don't want him to end up in any long term pain and I know that there are risks. So I would appreciate hearing others experiences - either way.

OP posts:
BigBadMousey · 12/08/2008 09:32

DH had it done after DC3. He was quite worried about it all but was very pleasantly surprised how little it hurt (even though it hurt for a good few days)- I think the idea having of another DC was far worse for him .

They gave him a sedative btw - not sure if that helped.

BigGitDad · 12/08/2008 10:02

I had it done and the aneasthetic (sp) they give you will take away the pain. Nurofen will do ythe job thereafter.
My brother swears he will never have it done as he has had friends who had a tough time but in my case it was pretty straightforward.
I would recommend it as a procedure and really there is nothing to worry about.

MiffyUnderFoot · 12/08/2008 10:46

Why cant they design an inflatable 'balloon' (as they use in some surgery to enlarge blood vessels) that can simply be inserted up through the urethra?

You would think a less brutal method of birth control for men would have been formulated by now!

BigGitDad · 12/08/2008 11:57

Maybe they could leave the balloon inflated a bit for a while??

MiffyUnderFoot · 12/08/2008 12:02

Heheh. good call.

PetitFilou1 · 12/08/2008 13:00

Might go bang at an inappropriate moment and then you'd be rumbled though

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 12/08/2008 13:04

i think the problem with putting some sort of balloon in is that we're talking about a fairly delicate vessel - it's really not that big.

take out hte balloon and you may have damaged the vessel permanently.

and again, any man who complains should have a read of the sphincter injury/fistula thread.

never heard of a man having to have his asshole surgically reconstructed or poo out of bag after having the snip, but it happens to plenty of women after giving birth.

BigGitDad · 12/08/2008 13:56

Ahem, no complaining on here Expat..
(BGD walks in a macho way to the door)
Maybe we ought to have a Hardest Mum thread?

expatinscotland · 12/08/2008 15:59

'Maybe we ought to have a Hardest Mum thread?'

BigGitDad, you obviously don't frequent csection v. vaginal birth threads .

BigGitDad · 12/08/2008 16:55

You are right Expat, there are some sites that I steer well clear from. Mind you would it not look a bit odd (Perverse even?) if I was to keep frequenting csection v. vaginal birth threads. Or do they really want a male input??

CaptainPants · 16/08/2008 14:24

Had mine done the other year. The pain was not so bad but the swelling lasted at least two weeks.
Got lots of bonus points from the ladies in HR when i told them why i couldn't get to work.
DW still likes me to shave down there and to be honest i like it as well. Never expected that one.
Can't say i would recommend it but some times a guy has to do what a guy has to do. Read somewhere it will help cut greenhouse gasses.

lisad123 · 16/08/2008 14:32

hmmm watching this with intrest. Im trying to get DH to have this.We both agree we dont want more kids, I cant get on with pill or other forms and rubbers, well what can i say

paolosgirl · 16/08/2008 14:36

Dh had one a few months ago, after we had a 'surprise' in the form of DC3 now aged 17 months. Apparently the worst bit was the local anaesthetic - took a few go's for the needle to hit the right bit, whatever 'bit' that was, but after that, nothing much more than some bruising which went down after a week or so.

Nothing compared to hours of searing agony in childbirth - PAH!

Rollmops · 19/08/2008 13:35

Mr Rollmops here, I had it done a couple of weeks ago. The op was a walk in the park but get some effective painkillers for the few days afterwards.

I'm looking forward to the all-clear and endless rumpy pumpy with Mrs Rollmops.

Fizzylemonade · 21/08/2008 17:28

Mr Fizzy had it done nearly a year ago. He said the worst bit was the needle going in and then the guy rooting around to find the tube [arrrggghhh emoticon]

I was there, I watched it all he watched my 2 c sections, so tit for tat!

He was ok, sore for about 4 days, swelling and bruising.

CaptainPants, personally I found the whole hairless balls hysterical and although I like my man to be, cough cough, neat and tidy in his mangarden I draw the line at shaving.

I actually shaved him for the op and was laughing all the way through as every time I went near him with the razor his balls contracted with fear

We are enjoying the rumpy pumpy post op

ace1964 · 15/09/2008 05:58

Hi, i had it done 3 years ago, memorable day 13th Feb so that was my Valentines day up the creek! Also got Speeding ticket on way to hospital so the op was a breeze. Was single at the time and found whole procedure including the family planning bit surprisingly easy. Day of op spent 40 minutes trying to shave myself, not easy! Specially with the shakes from the night before!! Went to hosp and nurse shaved me again with a BIC! I had used Mach 3!! She was like Zorro and it was bare in a flash. Dunno why i bothered! Injection is indeed the worst and most painful bit, after that didn't feel a thing, my bits hadn't had as much female attention for years!! Anyway the Manchester Derby was on so rushed home (yes i did drive in my loose trousers contrary to advice they give). Had slight swelling for about 4 or 5 days but went to work the next day, only a shiny arse so it was ok. No dramas and would recommend it to anyone who is sure they don't want any more kids. You have to wait a while until the all clear before you can have full sex without condom but any guys wanting to have it done do it is my advice.

girlandboy · 01/10/2008 23:25

Don't wish to frighten any gentlemen out there, but brother-in-law's op went a bit wrong. Had to have a testicle removed in the end. To say he wasn't happy could be an understatement!

nooka · 01/10/2008 23:43

My dh finally had it done a couple of years ago. He was uncomfortable for probably two weeks, with quite a bit of pain (but easily controlled) in the first couple of days. It has been fabulous for our sex life, which had really dried up with all the hassle and stress. BIL had it done longer ago, and was a little stiff-legged during our wedding (he had it done two days before). Neither have had any long term consequences (apart from relaxed and loving wives )

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