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Barcode, Expat, zippi, OMDB, and any others on the virgin climbers thread last week!!

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Pan · 14/06/2008 11:35

Just to let you know that we are climbing Eiger Stanage Edge this afternoon!! My laptop is really dodgy this week, so may have trouble getting back on later to tell you how far I fell or how sick I sure either way will be jolly....laters.

OP posts:
zippitippitoes · 18/06/2008 17:31

ah i have found it lololol

i want to know what it was like

Overmydeadbody · 02/09/2008 00:15

I've just found this lol

Pan what was it like? I was climbing at the roaches yesterday and got eaten alive by midges and then it rained, so only did two climbs in the end

Have you done any more climbing since June?

zippitippitoes · 02/09/2008 00:54

he did answer on another thread a while after

we are just looking for nearest sport clims to warwickshire

and possibly me belaying bf down the cliff at the end of garden at the weekend to chop the top off a tree spoiling the view but we have to check the feasibility first

Overmydeadbody · 02/09/2008 20:21

I don't know of any sport climbs near warwickshire, let me know if you find any as I'd be interested.

The climbing/tree surgery combination sounds fun though!

ilovemydog · 02/09/2008 20:24

Oooh. I tried on my climbing shoes a few days ago. Too small. Your feet must get bigger/fatter during/after pregnancy. Shame

Last time I climbed was Joshua Tree....

Overmydeadbody · 02/09/2008 20:55

you just need to embrace the pain ilovemydog

Grin and bare it!

expatinscotland · 02/09/2008 21:01

last time i climbed was at Lumpy Ridge

ilovemydog · 02/09/2008 21:08

Just like my ballet teacher - if you didn't feel pain going on toe, you were doing it wrong.

need new shoes. please don't make me go to an indoor wall. Quite liked The Langdales in the Lake District....

Overmydeadbody · 02/09/2008 21:13

I need new shoes too, mine have worn out at the tips and have holes in the top from too much foot jamming.

Oh to be closer to some good outdoor climbing...

expatinscotland · 02/09/2008 21:17

indoor walls so trash your feet, especially because you sort of need to wear slippers after a while.

when you see the climber tugging off their shoes as they're being lowered, you've arrived as a Sport Boy .

my Mythos still fit. god, but those shoes rock.

for cracks, i usually use Kaukulators. they're not made anymore, but i had mine resoled 3 times and they're still going strong. crack after crack.

a hard crack is good to find!

expatinscotland · 02/09/2008 21:18

besides, it only really hurts when it's super-hot out and that rubber goes all hot and man, it burns and hurts!

Overmydeadbody · 02/09/2008 21:20

lol at a hard crack is good to find!

I found a good one at the Roaches at the weekend, but had to tape my toes up first to stop me bleeding everywhere. Sadly, resoling isn't the answer in this case, as it's the tops that have worn away. But they are such good shoes too

BarcodeZebra · 02/09/2008 21:23

Only just seen this Pan. How'd it go?

expatinscotland · 02/09/2008 21:23

yeah, they're trashed if the tops are. my ex did in a few crack boots like that. but he liked horrible cracks/off-widths. 'there's never a queue for [shitty shite].' no, because it SUCKS.

god, you must have had to tape the hell out of your fists, too, in a crack that size.

my ideal crack is No. 1 Camalot size, although in places like Lumpy and JTree hexes come very in handy because you get some wavy cracks there. but that size is the size of my handjam (small hands).

Overmydeadbody · 02/09/2008 21:26

nah, my fists are hard as, they can take that kind of abuse. I like a good fist jam

I'm not fussy about crack size really, as long as I can get something in there!

You must be teeny tiny expat.

ilovemydog · 02/09/2008 21:27

expat, cudos! Don't you have 2 children and your feet returned to normal state... Mine have gone sort of sideways.

Ouch - have had the burning tire thing. Joshua Tree in height of summer.

Got all kitted out once - high tech gear for a climb in the Lake District. Huffing and puffing up the hill, and found myself looking up at a mountain sheep hanging off the ledge, who, I swear was sneering at me. Quite funny that - as if to say, 'got here without all the gear...'

expatinscotland · 02/09/2008 21:31

i'm 5ft., 3in. and when i was big into climbing i was maybe 7.5st. soaking wet.

the beauty part is that many thin cracks in areas we liked to climb (Colorado) had high ratings, but they weren't so bad to me because i have such small hands and feet (many have excellent pro as well).

some lower-grade once i found VERY hard, however, because they were off-fist or fist+hand for me and VERY awkward for my feet.

expatinscotland · 02/09/2008 21:35

my feet are okay, ilove, my fingers, however, went up a ring size.

and of course, my waist, bum and boobs were never the same .

J-tree is lovely! VERY much like Lumpy Ridge climbing, even in approach.

But damn, yes, it could get so effing hot and when that black rubber heats up, it is truly awful, especially sport shoes.

Oh, I always read the guide whenever ex h suggested a climb before agreeing to go on it.

One he picked read, 'Bad approach, bad rock, bad pro, bad belays.'

WTF?! Why?!

Pan · 02/09/2008 23:38


HAve been away in rl AND with a busted laptop that costed £310 to fix.

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