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Electricians in the house? Question for you

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HappyDuck · 22/05/2008 21:07

I am thinking of moving my double oven from one of the end kitchen to the other (oppposite walls). In order for this to happen, I need a 30AMP fitted at the new location. Sorry the terms may no be 100% correct by me but I guess you electricians will understand what I mean. How would a kitchen fitter do this? Because I've just recently had new floor tiles in and so the pipework cannot go through the ground. It also can't go along the wall because I have doors in the way. Kitchen fitter suggested going through ceiling board??? I am confused. Would a kind electrician please tell me how can this job be done. Thanks.

OP posts:
BigBadMouse · 22/05/2008 21:27

Cut a channel up through the wall from the existing socket so it comes out above the plasterboard of the ceiling. Then run the wire in the celing cavity between the plasterboard and floorboards upstairs, then another channel back down to where you want your new socket.

Or if the exisitng socket is fed from above anyway they can just cut into that and bring it out to your new location.

Does that make sense to you coz I'm shattered and rarely make sense at the best of times?

HappyDuck · 22/05/2008 21:46

Yes this makes sense. Thanks. Will this be a messy task for an electrician? What can I expect to pay for this job?

OP posts:
BigBadMouse · 22/05/2008 21:54

Not messy - or at least it shouldn't be.

Not really sure what the cost would be but shouldn't be very expensive, it's a pretty straightforward job - make sure he is competent at making good the wall after he has cut the channels required though.

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