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Someone here is likely to know about car electrical systems, right?!

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Fllight · 21/04/2008 20:31

Sorry for any offence caused by assumptions that more blokes have taken cars to bits than women, but I feel it may be true and there isn't a 'automotive issues' topic so here goes...

Our car is less than a year old, tis a Fiesta Zetec.

it closes its wing mirrors when you lock it, (clever fiesta)
The nearside one doesn't seem to cogitate that it's finished and continues to click and sort of fall over itself to close, once already closed - it does it about 6 times then finally gives up.

It started just over a week ago so we took it in on the Tuesday last week - it's still under warranty but on the day I noticed a small chunk of black casing was chipped out - not a mark on the apaintwork, nothing, just a little cm wide chip from the edge.

They took it in and of course said it was damaged and that'll be £150 please.

I said no ta and when I got the keys back, the chap from service said yes it is odd, but if I can get a cheap mirror I can fit it myself or theyll do it.

Anyway pondered this for days and decided that as nobody who drives it has hit anything with the mirror, and it isn't parked anywhere it could be hit, and fgs it hasn't been hit as there;'s no marks beside the chip, it has possibly been caused by something inside that keeps knocking the casing from within, due to the fault.

Is this plausible? (if you got this far) and if so, how do I persuade Ford service that it is an effect of their dodgy electrics, and not the cause?

Help, please, if you can!

OP posts:
Fllight · 21/04/2008 20:34

Btw it looks like someone has taken a chisel to it and whacked, very carefully, that little bit out of the bottom edge.
Nothing around it whatsoever.

I could not have done this if I had wanted to.

Maybe someone from the company came round at midnight to do it, because they knew we were coming in to have it looked at!

No that is just a joke before anyone sues MN again.

OP posts:
poppy34 · 21/04/2008 20:40

are you sure no one else coudl have clipped it (not the drivers but some other user - cyclist or someone with a handbag clipping it in a carpark ) as it does sound like a little bit of damage seems to be causing the issue,

have you tried surfing the net for this -there are quite a lot of ford owners type threads out there and would imagine this fault comes up somewhere. Go have a look and that might give you some info to go back and nag them.

Fllight · 21/04/2008 20:50

It's possible Poppy, thanks for answering, just the bit missing isn't anywhere like a sticking out bit, where it could have been hit on its own iyswim - there would have to be a mark around it and there isn't.

I will go and look for ford forums, that's a very good idea!

OP posts:
poppy34 · 21/04/2008 21:08

foudn this - couldnt read it but looked like the right place link

poppy34 · 21/04/2008 21:10


Fllight · 21/04/2008 21:10

Thanks! Brilliant.

OP posts:
EricL · 23/04/2008 15:52

It's those damn gremlin things again i'm telling you.

They get into all my electrical things and do things to things as well.

I would like to do things to fix things - but i'm not very good with things other than the things i know.

EricL · 23/04/2008 15:52

Hope that helps.

MrsBadger · 23/04/2008 15:55

oh eric do come and advise me on my car dilemma here

[flutters eyelashes]

(I am shameless and need to make a decision tonight )

Fllight · 23/04/2008 16:30

You can have him MrsB, I can't understand a word of it

Far too technical.

OP posts:
ScoobyDoo · 23/04/2008 16:31

Oh i have a car problem i wonder if eric can help me, how fab having a man around the place lol

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